Florida Paints vs Sherwin Williams

Are you looking for the perfect paint to give your home a refreshing makeover? You’re in luck. Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams are two of the most popular brands on the market today, offering quality, durable paint with great VOC quantity, low environmental impact, and impressive sheen levels.

Whether you’re looking for something to cover a large area or something with a wide range of colors, these brands have you covered. Plus, their product ranges are available at competitive prices. So, what’s not to love? Let’s take a closer look at how Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams compare.

Differences between Florida Paints Vs Sherwin Williams

Florida Paints vs Sherwin Williams
Florida Paints vs Sherwin Williams

Both companies offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and price points, making them viable options for homeowners looking to give their homes a new look. But while they both offer quality products with the same end result in mind, there are some distinct differences between them:

Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of products between Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams vary in many ways. Florida Paints offers a more affordable option while still providing excellent durability, making it a great choice for those looking for cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality.

On the other hand, Sherwin Williams is known for its premium grade paints that provide superior quality and enhanced longevity. The paints made by Sherwin Williams come with higher price tags due to the added value they offer, such as patented formulas and technologies.

VOC Quantity

Regarding VOC levels, Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams have low VOC options for customers who want to reduce their environmental impact.

But, when offering more options like zero VOC or low-odor paint, Sherwin Williams has a wider range of choices that can meet specific needs. Florida Paints also offers some low-odor paint, but not as much as Sherwin Williams offers.

Environmental Impact

Both companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact through conscious product formulations. But, Florida Paints stands out regarding sustainability initiatives. Their products are formulated with fewer harmful chemicals than most other brands today. And they use eco-friendly practices throughout their production processes.

Meanwhile, Sherwin-Williams vs Behr is also dedicated to minimizing their environmental footprint. Still, he primarily focuses on providing high-quality paint products with excellent performance in the long run rather than eco-friendly solutions alone.


Sherwin Williams offers a wider range of paint products than Florida Paints, with specialized coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, and elastomeric available. These coatings can provide better protection against extreme weather conditions and abrasion, making them ideal for larger jobs that require more resilience.

Florida Paints also offers primers, sealers, and topcoats for interior and exterior use but cannot supply the level of protection offered by Sherwin Williams’ specialty coatings.


Both companies offer paints with excellent coverage. Sherwin Williams’ paints tend to offer a thicker consistency which may require fewer coats for complete coverage (400 sq. ft.). This may benefit large projects where cost savings are paramount, as fewer coats will be needed to achieve total coverage.

Also, Sherwin Williams’ paints offer increased adhesion properties meaning less chance of chipping or cracking under aggressive environmental conditions. Florida paints offer 300 to 400 sq. ft. of coverage with one coat which may require additional coats in areas prone to extreme weather conditions or abrasion.

Color Selection

Florida Paints vs Sherwin Williams color swatches
Florida Paints vs Sherwin Williams color swatches

Florida Paints offers an expansive selection of colors with approximately 1320 options, while Sherwin Williams offers more than 1700 colors in their standard color palette.

Both companies have the capability to match any color desired so customers can attain an exact match if needed. But, Sherwin Williams is known for their ability to produce custom colors not found in the catalog, giving them a greater range of options for creating unique looks.

Sheen Levels

In terms of sheen levels, both companies offer a variety of options ranging from matte flats to glossy sheens. But, Sherwin Williams offers a wider selection with additional specialty finishes such as metallic or high-gloss options that are not available from Florida Paints.

The sheen level you choose ultimately depends on your preferences and the painting area. Some finishes can be difficult to clean, while others may absorb more dirt or dust. Choosing the right sheen level can make all the difference in achieving the desired look for your home or business space!

Product Range

The product range Sherwin Williams offers is significantly larger than the range provided by Florida Paints. Sherwin Williams offers specialized coatings, primers, and sealers for specific applications such as metal surfaces, masonry walls, and more.

In addition to their traditional paint offerings, they offer specialty finishes such as metallic and high-gloss options. On the other hand, Florida Paints’ product range is much more limited. They focus on producing high-quality interior and exterior paints.


The last key difference between Sherwin-Williams and Florida Paints is their respective availability. Sherwin-Williams operates a much larger network of stores and retailers around the United States, making their products more widely accessible than those of Florida Paints.

Furthermore, Sherwin-Williams also ships its products to customers outside of its retail locations. Florida Paints is primarily available in Florida and the southeastern United States. But, they do have an online store that allows customers from other areas to purchase their products.

Get the Quality Paint You Need for Your Home Makeover

After comparing Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams, it’s clear that both brands have plenty to offer regarding quality paint products. Whether you’re looking for coverage, color selection, or affordability, these brands have everything.

And when it comes to durability, Florida Paints and Sherwin Williams are both up to the challenge. For high-traffic areas or those that require heavy use, you can trust that your paint will hold up year after year.

Plus, they offer some of the lowest VOCs on the market today, making them a great choice for anyone concerned about their family’s health and the environment. So why not try them out for yourself today?

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