Crayola vs CRA Z Art (A Complete Guide)

If you’re in search of the best colored-pencils out there, Crayola and CRA Z Art are two popular brands that are worth your consideration. From quality and availability to brand recognition and price, these two choices offer plenty of options for those who love to draw and color.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these brands stand out when it comes to their color selection, packaging, lead thickness, sharpening abilities, smudging tendencies, age range recommendations, and more.

Crayola vs CRA Z Art
Crayola & CRA Z Art Colored pencils

Differences between Crayola vs CRA Z Art Colored Pencil

Crayola and CRA Z Art colored pencils are two of the most popular colored pencils on the market today, and although they seem similar, several key differences set them apart. Crayola pencils feature a high-quality core made from wax pigments, providing smooth, blendable colors that can be used for detailed artwork and sketches.

Alternatively, CRA Z Art pencils have an oil-based core which creates bright, vibrant colors but are not as suitable for blending or shading. Crayola pencils come pre-sharpened, while most CRA Z Art must be sharpened before use. Here are more key details to consider when comparing Crayola and CRA Z Art colored pencils:

01: Quality

Crayola pencils are widely known for their quality and durability. Crayola’s pencils are constructed with thick 3.3mm leads that resist breakage, making them ideal for detailed work and long-term use. The lead also contains a high level of pigment, which provides intense colors and opacity when applied to paper.

On the other hand, CRA Z Art pencils tend to have a softer 1.4mm lead, making them better suited for blending and shading but not as resistant to breakage. CRA Z Art’s lead contains a lower level of pigment than Crayola, which results in lighter colors that may not be as intense or opaque when applied to paper.

02: Color selection

Regarding color selection, Crayola offers a wider range than CRA Z Art, including more unique and varied hues. In addition to traditional colors like black and white, Crayola offers many specialty colors such as Cosmic Glitter Blue, Raspberry Rose, and Metallic Magenta.

Crayola vs CRA Z Art Color Selection
Crayola vs CRA Z Art Color

Some of these specialty colors contain special ingredients like sparkles or metallic particles for an extra sparkle effect in the artwork. CRA Z Art’s colored pencil selection is more basic. But they offer some neon shades that can add an extra pop of color to the artwork.

03: Packaging

Crayola pencils come in more elaborate packaging options than CRA Z Art pencils. Crayola offers themed sets such as Frozen 2 Colored Pencils or Harry Potter Colored Pencils with up to 40 unique shades per set.

These larger sets contain more shades of color than what you might find in basic coloring books or classic sets like the 24-count set from Crayola or the 28-count set from CRA Z Art.

04: Lead Thickness

The lead thickness of colored pencils is an essential factor when considering how they can be used in art projects. Crayola pencils have a thicker 3.3mm lead than the 1.4mm lead found on CRA Z Art pencils.

This makes Crayolas better for coloring larger areas quickly without having to press hard on the page and risk breaking the leads inside your artwork pieces. In contrast, CRA Z Art’s thinner leads make them excellent for detailed work that requires precision, like portrait illustrations or small-scale drawings where every line counts.

Crayola vs CRA Z Art Color
Crayola vs CRA Z Art Color

05: Availability

Crayola colored pencils are much easier to find at major retail stores and online than CRA Z Art pencils are. You’ll likely find several varieties available at places like Target or Walmart with ease, whereas finding individual sets from CRA z ART may be harder due to its lesser availability.

06: Brand Recognition

The most notable difference between Crayola and CRA Z Art colored pencils is in their brand recognition. Crayola has been a trusted and well-known brand for generations, providing quality art supplies for both adults and children since 1902.

Its reputation as a leader in the art supply industry has been further enhanced by its iconic product designs, like the classic yellow-and-green boxes of crayons.

In contrast, CRA Z Art is a relatively new brand that was established in 2008. Although it has gained some popularity with younger audiences, it does not yet have the same level of recognition or customer loyalty that Crayola does.

07: Sharpening

When it comes to sharpening colored pencils, Crayola tends to have the edge over CRA Z Art. This is because Crayola pencils have a thicker lead which makes them easier to sharpen without breaking or crumbling as CRA Z Art pencils may do.

On the other hand, some artists prefer thinner leaded colored pencils, such as those produced by CRA Z Art, because they provide greater control when drawing finer details.

08: Smudging

Smudging is often an issue when using colored pencils and can be particularly frustrating if you’re trying to create precise lines or detailed artwork. In this case, Crayola’s higher-quality leads tend to smudge less than those from CRA Z Art.

This might be due to the fact that Crayola’s leads are generally waxier in texture compared to CRA Z Art’s softer leads which tend to smudge more easily if not properly secured with fixatives or sprayed with sealers after use.

09: Age Range

Regarding age range, there is also a clear distinction between these two brands of colored pencils. At the same time, Crayola produces products specifically designed for both children and adults alike.

CRA Z Art primarily markets its colored pencil sets towards younger audiences by featuring them on displays intended for school supplies rather than high-end art supplies found in craft stores or online retailers geared towards adult artists.

10: Price

Finally, the cost is another important factor that sets these brands apart from each other. Specifically, CRA Z Art color pencil sets tend to be more affordable than those from Crayola as they are usually sold in larger quantities at lower prices per unit compared to Crayola’s packs of art color pencils which often come at a slightly higher cost point per item.

Are CRA-Z Art Markers as Good As Crayola?

Crayola offers various colors and shades and a smooth laydown that makes it easier to control your strokes on paper or canvas. The colors stay true when they dry, making them ideal for detailed artwork. Also, Crayola crayons are non-toxic and safe for kids to use. 

Cra-Z-Art markers offer a more vibrant color than Crayola but tend to be less durable and bleed through the paper quickly. They can also be more challenging to control than Crayola crayons, so you may need more practice to get the same level of precision.

Overall, while Cra-Z-Art markers may be cheaper than Crayola, they do not quite measure up when it comes to overall quality. If you’re looking for something that will last longer and provide more consistent results, then you should go with Crayola over Cra-Z-Art.

Which Colored Pencils are Right for You?

After comparing all the factors outlined above, it is clear that both Crayola and CRA Z Art have their respective advantages and disadvantages regarding colored pencils. Those who are more concerned with having a vast selection of colors at an affordable price point with good sharpening capabilities may prefer CRA Z Art’s offerings.

Crayola vs CRA Z Art Colored pencil
Colored Pencils

But, those interested in a high-quality product that won’t wear down too quickly may opt for Crayola’s products, given its reputation in the art industry. Ultimately, choosing between the two brands comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

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