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Our Writer

S. Pushon

Hello! I am S. Pushon. I have been painting and creating arts ever since I remember. I am writing all my findings and sharing  my tips and tricks with painttrait.com so that it may help other people find the answers of the questions they are looking for.

At first, my mom used to teach me how to create beautiful natural sceneries and create interesting shapes and patterns. You know, this is like the basics that we all start with.

Later, I started painting portraits when I was in 10th standard. I created beautiful portraits of my pet, Lucy. She is no more with us but her portrait makes me feel like she is always around.

I got to experiment with different types of craft paints like tempera, gouache, and acrylic paints. Later, I got oil paints to work with. The more I experiment with these paints, the more I get fascinated.

Today, I am experimenting with new techniques. Recently, I have tried glass painting and it turned out amazing. I am in love with small-sized pieces but whenever I see a big blank canvas, I feel butterflies in my stomach even today after so many years painting.

Pencil sketching is something I love doing as well. But nothing excites me more when I put paints on the canvas and see vibrttechniques

Creating interesting crafts with polymer clay and epoxy always fascinates me. My younger sister loves polymer clay models and I happily make her new clay models every now and then. She also gifts them to her friends and now all of them are demanding more clay models.

When it comes about choosing my favorite types of paint, I am always perplexed. When I choose acrylic, I find tempera and gouache even more amazing to work with. Nowadays, Tempera paint is my favorite one as it is inexpensive and I am experimenting with new techniques. But I prefer acrylic when I am creating something that is not experimental. I am always in love with the texture of acrylic paint.

I am a self taught artist and I am proud of that. I am always grateful to the almighty just because I can paint. I am sharing everything I come across on a daily basis. If I learn something new while experimenting, I immediately feel the urge to share my learnings with you. And then I start writing.

Apart from painting on the canvas, I use paint on various surfaces such as terracotta pots, walls, and ceramics to experiment and see how these paints behave.

I am happy to share with you that I have recently participated in some exhibitions and some of my art pieces have been sold.  One artist from France who happened to be in one exhibition praised highly of some of my paintings. And I was just flattered to hear his comforting and kind words.

If you want real time updates of my work, follow me on my social profiles. Thank You for joining me. Happy Painting.

Watch me on Youtube: I’m Pushon – My Art Journal