Can You Mix Satin and Eggshell Paint?

Can You Mix Satin and Eggshell Paint

Are you considering mixing satin and eggshell paint for your next home improvement project but wondering if it’s the right combination? The truth is, you can certainly mix satin and eggshell paint to create a unique look. But it takes a little bit of know-how to do it right. Satin paint has a slightly higher … Read more

Is The Painted Wall Porous? (All About Paint Porosity)

Is The Painted Wall Porous

Have you ever wanted to know whether or not a painted wall is a porous surface? It’s an important question to consider if you plan to paint or wallpaper your walls, as it will determine the type of paint and adhesive you use. When it comes to painted walls, it’s tempting to think that they’re … Read more

Behr Swiss Coffee vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Behr Swiss Coffee vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

You want to paint your walls a soft, warm off-white with yellow/beige undertones, but you’re unsure which paint to choose. Behr Swiss Coffee and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee are both similar colors, but they are not the same. Behr and Benjamin Moore brands are two of the most popular paint brands on the market. When … Read more

Can You Put Decorative Chips in Latex Paint?

Decorative Chips in Latex Paint

Decorative chips are small pieces of materials that can be added to paint to create a textured, decorative finish. Some people are worried that mixing decorative chips into latex paint will cause the paint to chip or peel. You might wonder whether you can put decorative chips in latex paint to add a little extra … Read more

Contract Matt Vs. Vinyl Matt (Which One to Choose)

Contract Matt Vs Vinyl Matt

For a sophisticated and exquisite look to their ceilings, walls, and most other interior designs, many individuals nowadays choose matte finishes around the world. Matt finishes are being increasingly often used to provide a more natural and neutral appearance. The appropriate finish for you is matte if you like more subtle appearances over glossy and shiny … Read more

Acrylic Matt Vs. Vinyl Matt (Which One To Choose)

Acrylic Matt Vs Vinyl Matt

You want to make a statement with your home decor, but you need to figure out which type of wall finish will make the most significant impact. You’ve probably heard of both acrylic and vinyl matt paint, but what’s the difference? Both types of paint are designed to create a matte finish, but some key … Read more

Why Is My Paint Not Sticking to The Trim?

Emulsion on trim

You’ve just finished painting your walls, and you’re about to start on the trim. When you grab your paintbrush, you find that the paint won’t stick to the trim. And now you might wonder why my paint is not sticking to the trim. This can be incredibly aggravating, especially when you’re on a tight timeline. … Read more