Snowbound vs Chantilly lace

Chantilly Lace and Snowbound are two distinctive home improvement paint from Benjamin Moor and Sherwin-Williams brands. A comparison of Snowbound vs Chantilly lace helps to know the harmony and disparity between these colors.

Snowbound vs Chantilly lace.
Snowbound vs Chantilly lace on the walls. credit: Sherwin-Williams and Layla Brady Painting.

The snowbound and Chantilly lace are both considered a white color. Then what is the mystery between them? Well, their core mystery is hidden beneath their undertones.

Let’s start now if you are curious to know details on Chantilly lace and snowbound color.

What is an ideal use of snowbound and Chantilly lace paint?

Depending on the user’s preferred effects and aesthetics, the chantilly lace and snowbound can be used for different purposes.


It is a clean and crisp color. It has a wide range of uses in both traditional and contemporary design. Let’s know some ideal use of snowbound.


Using snowbound in-room walls can give you a fresh and airy vibe. So, you can use this paint in your bedroom, bathroom, and living room to get a peaceful atmosphere.

Snowbound on the walls.
Walls painted with Snowbound. credit: Sherwin-Williams for design pros.

Trim and moldings:

Snowbound paint is a reliable great choice for baseboards and crown moldings. It can be the best compliment to provide a clean and classic appearance.


You can choose Snowbound to increase the cohesive and seamless look of the kitchen and bathroom cabinet.

Snowbound on the cabinets.
Snowbound on the cabinets.


Snowbound works excellently to show a low-height room longer. You can use this paint to make an illusion of the original height.

Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore chantilly lace is another excellent white color paint with a warmth hint. It works great to achieve a classic and elegant look in a natural lighting room or space. You can also read high reflective white vs chantilly lace and chantilly lace vs pure white to know better about their differences.

Millwork and trims:

Chantilly lace is well-known for creating a sophisticated and timeless beauty through crown moldings, trims, and millwork. Also, note that Chantilly is suitable with both darker and lighter walls.

Chantilly Lace on the trims.
Chantilly Lace on the trims and fireplace.


The chantilly paint performs an extraordinary role in improving the old outlook of your furniture. Use this paint to add an elegant touch to your furniture.

Doors and windows:

Chantilly lace is used to make door and window designs. It gives subtle architectural appeal to your doors and windows.

Accent walls:

Chantilly lace paint is widely used on the accent wall. It provides a precise backdrop at your accent wall, making other furniture and objects classic and stylish.

Chantilly Lace on the walls.
Walls painted with Chantilly Lace. Credit: Layla Brady Painting.

The comparison between chantilly lace vs snowbound

FeaturesSnowboundChantilly Lace
DescriptionCrisp white paint with pinkish or purple hintWarmth white with a subtle yellow hint
Perfect forCeilings, cabinetry, walls and trimsCrisp white paint with a pinkish or purple hint
AestheticAiry and freshfurniture, doors, windows, trim, and millwork
CompatibilityCompatible with traditional and modern outlookCompatible with timeless and traditional things
Lighting EffectBrighter lightingSophisticated, elegant, and classic
Room Applicationwarmth, cozy, and ambianceHallways, living and dining room
Right color pairingColors that go with chantilly lace are teal, taupe, peach, blue and woodComplements of other color

What should I consider when choosing snowbound and Chantilly lace paint?

Here are some important considerations when choosing these two popular paints.


Consider the lighting conditions in the room you plan to paint. Each painting comes with some samples. So, use the sample paint to know the compatibility of your chosen color with the lighting condition.


The chantilly lace has a yellowish undertone. But Snowbound has a neutral or purple undertone. Consider the undertones of your existing furniture, wall or decor. Choose a paint that will match the existing objects’ undertone.

Snowbound vs Chantilly lace undertones.
Snowbound vs Chantilly lace undertones.

Style and Aesthetic:

Consider what types of aesthetic outlook you want to create at your home. If you want a fresh and crisp look with a modern touch, use Snowbound. On the contrary, Chantilly lace is a superior combination for traditional design.

Room Size and Purpose:

What paint you should choose also depends on the size of your room. Snowbound would be great for a smaller room because it is ideal for airy vibes. On the other hand, chantilly lace stands for giving you a feel of living in a wider space.

Snowbound vs chantilly lace, which is best between them?

Snowbound vs Chantilly lace on the cabinets.
Snowbound vs Chantilly lace on the cabinets.

Snowbound and Chantilly lace are both popular white paint from different brands. Which one is best depends on personal style and preference. Remember that Chantilly is renowned for its brightest, cleanest white appearance. It has a very slight, almost invisible yellow tone which does not affect the white color but makes it brighter.

On the other hand, snowbound is also known as a neutral white paint. It has a slight purple or what many would consider a pinkish undertone. However, the snowbound’s undertone is a little more visible than the snowbound paint.

So, what do you like? If you like brighter white, then go with Chantilly paint. On the other hand, you can go with Snowbound if you need an elegant touch of sweet purple hint.


  1. Does Snowbound go with Chantilly Lace?

The Chantilly lace and snowbound work amazingly to make a cohesive color scheme. Despite being togetherness of two white colors, they can make a subtle contrast or variation together. Because of their unique undertones, they work as complements rather than competitors for each other.

  • Is Chantilly lace the best white?

The answer is subjective. We know Chantilly is in the first row of pure white paint. But what actual white is best white to you? The whiteness of chantilly lace depends on the lighting condition, characteristics of the space and user preference.

  • What is the undertone of snowbound?

The undertone of the snowbound is very soft and smooth. They are not yellow or blue. Snowbound is considered a soft white paint with an elegant purple hint. The subtle purple hint makes snowbound paint softer and more aesthetic.

Final Words:

We hope you got a lot of required answers about popular paints from our Snowbound vs Chantilly Lace comparison. Snow Bound is an incredible white paint from Sherwin-Williams manufacturer. Chantilly lace is a popular pure white paint from the Benjamin Moor brand.

Both paints are white and perform excellently to make your home aesthetic. There is a core difference between these two paints. The core difference is in their undertone.