Chantilly lace vs Pure White

Chantilly lace and Sherwin Williams pure white are individual colors that come from a certain unique color combination. A comparison between Chantilly lace vs pure white helps to know their uses and conveniences.

Chantilly lace is a part of Benjamin Moore’s paint chart with 2121-70 assigned reference code. On the other hand, Pure White is a part of the Sherwin-Williams paint colors chart with SW 7005 assigned reference code.

Pure white and Chantilly are distinctive but work as the best compliment. So, how do they differ and similar to each other? Read continues to know the details.

Chantilly lace vs Pure White
Chantilly lace vs Pure White in interior decors.

When should I use Chantilly Lace and Pure White?

It would be better to use Chantilly lace color in a light-filled room. Do note that Chantilly lace with low light room will look dingy. Since chantilly lace paint is an extremely clear color, it is suitable with higher lightened and crisp finishes. You can use Chantilly in the higher-lightened bedroom, toilet, bookshelf corner, and lobby.

On the contrary, pure white is recommended in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, walls, trim, and ceilings. Fortunately, Sherwin-Williams pure white is adjustable with all lighting conditions. 

Sherwin Williams pure white vs benjamin moore chantilly lace

FeaturesPure WhiteChantilly Lace
ColorIt is compatible with versatile colors and styleChantilly lace is slightly crisp and clean with subtle gray hints
UndertonesInvisible in pure whiteVisible with subtle gray hints
Warmth/CoolnessNeutral with chantilly laceNeutral with pure white color
Ideal usesWalls, ceilings, trim, and cabinetryWalls, trim, and millwork
CompatibilityCompatible with different colorful walls and ceilingsGreat to adjust to both natural and artificial light
Lighting conditionGreat to adjust to the higher lightening conditionBright, modern, and crisp
AtmosphereBright, modern and crispClassic, timeless, and sophisticated
BrightnessDarker than chantilly laceBrighter than the pure white
Comparison of Chantilly lace vs Pure White color
Comparison of Chantilly lace vs Pure White in personal space.

What should I consider when choosing pure white and Chantilly lace?

Chantilly lace benjamin moore vs pure white sherwin williams comparison?

However, we are discussing some factors that will help you to determine one paint color.


Chantilly lace comes with a warm, creamy undertone. On the other hand, pure white is crispy and cool undertone. So, think about which tone is ideal for your home appliance.

Chantilly lace vs Pure White undertone
Chantilly lace vs Pure White undertone.


You can also determine the paint color based on the lighting conditions and your preferred painting space. If your room is flooded with artificial light, Pure white paint will be best for you. But Chantilly is suitable with natural lighting.

Style and Mood:

Think about what type of average style you love to make in your room. If you need a softer, inviting ambiance environment, then go with Chantilly Laces. On the other hand, pure white can give you a cleaner and more contemporary appearance.

Brand Preference:

Some people prioritize brand value before purchasing paint for their houses. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are reputed brands. So, what you will consider is your personal preference.

Which is best, Chantilly lace or pure white?

It depends on the context in which you want to apply color. Similarly, the best paint color depends on your taste and preference. Both painting color needs are different depending on the situation. So, it cannot be said straightforwardly that only one is best. Form Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace reviews, the popularity of Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly lace is slightly higher than the Sherwin Williams pure white paint. However, people mostly use pure white since pure white can be compatible with natural and artificial lighting conditions, so their priority is higher. But when you think about your requirements then anything from chantilly and pure white would be best.

Chantilly lace vs Pure White on kitchen cabinets
Chantilly lace vs Pure White on kitchen cabinets

Where to buy Chantilly lace paint?

You can purchase chantilly lace paint from various retailers. Let’s know the common options.

Benjamin Moore Stores:

Visit the official website of the Benjamin Moore brand to purchase from authorized online sources. Also, you can go to a nearby Benjamin shop to purchase your product offline.

Paint Retailers:

Several independent retailers are selling chantilly lace paint at their stores. Use Benjamin Moore’s store locator to get these types of retailers.

Home Improvement Stores:

The popular home improvement online stores Home Depot and Lowe’s sell different types of benjamin moors products.

Online Retailers:

A lot of online retailers are selling benjamin moor products. Among those retailers, Amazon, benjamin official, and some popular websites are reputed. Make sure you have chosen an authorized seller.


Is chantilly lace brighter than super white?

No, these are similar paint colors. Even they are so similar that it is difficult to apart them sometimes. Remember that their swatches are often similar. But there has a precise difference between Chantilly lace and super white paint.

Although both are super White, has a blue and grey undertone. On the other hand, Chantilly is a little bit brighter than super white.

Does Chantilly lace have grey?

Compared with soft Chamois, Swiss Coffee paint, the chantilly lace is a cooler white paint. Chantilly lace does not have any yellow or cream undertones. But they lean forward to a bit blue undertone.

Final Words:

We hope you understand the comparison between the Chantilly lace vs pure white paint color. Both Chantilly and pure white are similar paint. But they have some precise differences that make them unique. You can choose anything as per your preference. Chantilly is best for natural light conditions.

On the other hand, pure white is compatible with natural and artificial lighting.