Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte vs Satin: Choosing The Right Shade

When it comes to selecting the ideal paint finish for your interior spaces, Sherwin Williams has long been a trusted name in the industry. With a reputation for quality and innovation, their Emerald line is a high-quality paint known for its durability, coverage, and washability. It is available in a variety of sheens, including Matte and satin. Often, the comparison rises on Emerald Matte vs Emerald Satin. So, which finish is right for you?

Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte vs Satin.
Matte vs Satin finish. Credit: Sherwin Williams(matte finish).

In this article, we will walk through the characteristics of these colors and provide you with the unique color combinations for each color. We will also help you choose the right shade for your space.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte

The Emerald Matte finish from Sherwin Williams is a prime choice for those seeking a subtle, understated elegance. This finish boasts a velvety smooth texture that offers a distinct advantage in minimizing the appearance of surface imperfections. Whether you’re dealing with uneven walls or minor dents, the matte finish’s ability to diffuse light helps create a more even and polished look. This makes it an excellent choice for spaces where you want to achieve a classic, sophisticated vibe.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte.
Paint finish Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin. Credit: Sherwin Williams.

Matte paint has a flat, non-reflective finish. It is the least reflective of all the sheens, and it does not highlight imperfections in the wall surface. This makes it a good choice for walls that have flaws, such as cracks or dents. Matte paint is also easy to clean, and it does not show fingerprints or smudges.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin

If you’re aiming to strike a balance between a subtle sheen and a smooth appearance, the Emerald Satin finish could be your ideal match. This finish offers a gentle glow that falls between the matte and gloss spectrum. It provides a slightly reflective surface without being overly shiny, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of spaces.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin.
Paint finish Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin.

Satin paint has a slightly reflective finish that is somewhere between matte and semi-gloss. It is more reflective than matte paint, but it does not have the same shine as semi-gloss or gloss paint. Satin paint is a good choice for walls that you want to look clean and polished but without being too shiny. It is also a good choice for walls that receive a lot of traffic, as it is more durable than matte paint.

Emerald Matte vs. Emerald Satin: Know The Differences

Here are some key differences between these two colors:

1.   Texture and Appearance:

  • Emerald Matte: It offers a velvety smooth texture and minimizes the visibility of surface imperfections due to light diffusion.
  • Emerald Satin: It offers a gentle and subtle sheen, falling between matte and gloss, and also provides a moderate level of reflection.

2.   Light Reflection:

  • Emerald Matte: It has minimal light reflection due to its light-diffusing nature, and light scatters in various directions, minimizing the visibility of imperfections. Its true colors are showcased without interference, resulting in a deep, rich color appearance.
  • Emerald Satin: It displays a moderate light reflection with a slight sheen. It also captures and reflects light to introduce a subtle glow on the surface. It Enhances the visual appeal of colors by adding vibrancy and depth.

3.   Durability and Practicality:

  • Emerald Matte: Matte is somewhat resistant to moisture and stains due to its low sheen. Minor scuffs and marks are less noticeable for it. It requires minimal maintenance and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Emerald Satin: Satin offers enhanced durability compared to the Matte finish. It also has a slight sheen, adding a layer of protection against moisture and stains. It is better suited for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

4.   Color Appearance:

Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte vs Satin color appearance.
Matte vs Satin finish on the walls. Credit: Sherwin Williams(matte finish).
  • Emerald Matte: Its true colors are showcased without interference from light reflection. Which provides a consistent and deep color appearance. It is ideal for spaces focusing on rich and intense color shades.
  • Emerald Satin: It enhances color vibrancy and depth due to slight light reflection. Also adds dimension to the color appearance with its subtle glow. It is well-suited for spaces where color dynamics are essential.

Table Of Differences:

SpecificationEmerald MatteEmerald Satin
RGB ValuesRed: 24, Green: 37, Blue: 33Red: 241, Green: 225, Blue: 21+
HEX Code#182521#173
Light Reflectance Value1.62%70.52%
Surface ImperfectionsMinimizes the visibility of imperfectionsSubtle sheen can minimize imperfections
Color DepthTrue colors showcased without interferenceAdds depth and vibrancy to colors
Ideal SpacesBedrooms, formal spacesHigh-traffic areas, living rooms, kitchens
Aesthetic AppealTimeless and classic lookModern and contemporary charm
Application ComplexityMore forgiving in terms of surface prepMay require more meticulous prep
Budget ConsiderationTypically more budget-friendlyA subtle sheen can minimize imperfections

Color Combination

Here are some color combination ideas for both Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte and Satin finishes:

Emerald Matte:

  1. Classic Elegance: This combination shows sophistication. The warm beige walls provide a neutral backdrop, while the crisp white trim adds a clean and timeless touch. The deep navy accent adds a pop of richness and contrast, creating a balanced and classic look.
  2. Cozy Neutrals: These muted tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The walls in Repose Gray offer a versatile base, complemented by the creamy off-white trim. The muted teal accent adds a subtle pop of color, infusing the space with warmth and personality.
  3. Timeless Blues: This combination combines shades of blue for a serene and timeless feel. The walls in Comfort Gray provide a soothing backdrop, while the extra white trim offers a clean contrast. The accent in Naval brings depth and elegance, creating a balanced and harmonious environment.

Emerald Satin:

  1. Modern Greige:  This modern combination pairs warm and cool neutrals for a sleek look. The walls in Agreeable Gray provide a versatile greige backdrop, while the pure white trim adds a fresh touch. The accent in Gauntlet Gray adds depth and a contemporary edge.
  2. Warm Earth Tones: Earthy tones create a cozy and grounded atmosphere. The walls in Balanced Beige offer warmth and neutrality, while the creamy trim adds a soft contrast. The terracotta accent brings a touch of warmth and adds character to the space.
  3. Soothing Greens: Greens evoke a calming and refreshing ambiance. The walls in Sea Salt offer a serene and spa-like feel, while the pure white trim keeps the space bright. The accent in Olive Grove adds depth and a natural touch, creating a harmonious and soothing environment.

Remember that lighting conditions and personal preferences significantly affect how colors appear in a space. Always test paint samples in your own environment to ensure they achieve the desired effect before committing to a full paint job.

Choosing Between Emerald Matte or Emerald Satin

Emerald Matte vs Satin.
Emerald Matte vs Satin.

The choice between Sherwin Williams Emerald Matte and Satin colors depends on several factors, including your aesthetic preferences, the function of the space, lighting conditions, and your desired level of durability. To help you decide, consider the following:

Choose Emerald Matte Finish If:

  1. You Want a Classic and Subdued Look: If you’re aiming for a timeless and elegant appearance with minimal light reflection, the Emerald Matte finish is a great choice. It’s perfect for spaces where you want to create a refined and sophisticated ambiance.
  2. You Want to Minimize Imperfections: Matte finishes are excellent at concealing surface imperfections due to their ability to diffuse light. If your walls have minor flaws, the Matte finish can help disguise them effectively.
  3. You Prioritize True Color Appearance: Matte finishes showcase true colors without any interference from reflections. If color accuracy is crucial for your project, this finish will let the colors shine as they are.
  4. You’re Opting for a Low-Maintenance Option: The Matte finish’s ability to hide scuffs and marks and its easy maintenance make it suitable for areas where you want to minimize touch-ups.

Choose Emerald Satin Finish If:

  1. You Want a Touch of Polish: If you’re looking for a finish that adds a subtle glow and enhances the visual appeal of your walls, the Emerald Satin finish is a good fit. It can make colors appear more vibrant and dynamic.
  2. You Need Enhanced Durability: Satin finishes are more resistant to moisture and stains compared to matte finishes. The Satin finish’s durability might be advantageous if you’re painting high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms.
  3. You’re Seeking a Contemporary Feel: The slight sheen of the Satin finish can contribute to a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Consider this finish if you want to add a contemporary touch to your space.
  4. You’re Open to Slightly More Maintenance: While the Satin finish is more durable, it might require slightly more maintenance than the Matte finish. Satin could be the right choice if you’re willing to invest in maintaining the finish for its added benefits.


Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Matte vs Satin finishes, each bring their own unique attributes to the table. The choice between these two finishes ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the ambiance you want to create, and the specific requirements of your space. Whether you opt for the subtle elegance of the Matte finish or the gloomy coat of the Satin finish, you can trust Sherwin Williams to provide a top-tier product that will breathe life into your interior design vision.