Does Tempera Paint Wash Off Concrete? ( Is it worth applying on concrete?)

Tempera paint is a washable, non-toxic paint that is popular for craft and school art projects. You can use Tempera paint on various surfaces, but this paint is not permanent. So, tempera paint will fade and wash off the surface after a certain period of time.

Does Tempera Paint Wash Off Concrete
Tempera painting on concrete wall

Does Tempera paint wash off concrete?

Yes, it does. Tempera paint is a temporary, low-quality paint that will wash off the concrete that endures high traffic and is exposed to water. If the paint is wet, you can remove it by wiping it with a dry cloth. After the paint dries, use soap and water to remove the paint.

Tempera on concrete: Is it a good Idea?

Decorating your patio with tempera paint may sound tempting, as the paint is available in every craft store and comes in a wide range of colors.

Using tempera paints to decorate your concrete patio or nearby pavement for some special occasions can be a good idea. You can write surprise notes for birthday wishes or wedding ceremonies or simply draw some patterns of birds and butterflies to entertain your kids.

As patios are exposed to water, and there is a high possibility that you will tread on the painted surface, the paint will fade and peel off the surface. Tempera paint cannot withstand washing. So, when the paint gets exposed to water, it will automatically wash off the concrete surface.

So, it is better to use Tempera paint on concrete only if it is for a short time, temporary use. If you wish to make your paint last on the concrete a little longer than usual, you can make the paint permanent, or you can turn the paint into acrylic, which will increase the paint’s adhesion and also longevity to a certain extent.

However, you cannot make the paint stay permanently on concrete or any other surface. Because Tempera paint is not designed to provide a permanent service; instead, it’s a craft paint that is commonly popular for kids’ art projects which can be washed off easily if children make a mess with the paint.

How To Remove Tempera Paint From Concrete?

Generally, tempera paint comes off the concrete with water exposure. However, when the paint dries, it may leave some stains on the surface.

To remove Tempera paint from concrete:

  1. Use soap and water.
  2. Apply liquid soap and water mixture to the paint.
  3. Use a wire scrub brush to remove any residue from the surface.

If the paint is on outdoor surfaces such as driveways, pavement, or patios, you can use a pressure washer to wash the paint off. Don’t be too harsh on the concrete when scrubbing it with the brush; it will damage your concrete.

You can also use plain, white vinegar to remove the paint from the concrete. Vinegar will instantly remove your paint residue and brighten your masonry.

If the paint spills on the concrete accidentally, you can wash it with water when the paint is wet. Apply the above-mentioned methods if the paint dries.

What Surface Can Tempera Paint Be Used On?

Apart from using Tempera paint on concrete, you can use it on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, glass, rocks, windows, metal, walls, ceramic, and wood. You can also use this type of paint on your hair.

However, before using the paint on any surface, it is important to prepare the surface well. The paint will not adhere better if there is dirt or debris on the surface. So, cleaning the surface before painting is mandatory.

Also, you need to give the paint the right consistency for it to spread well and adhere better on the surfaces. You shouldn’t make the paint too thick or too thin. Too much thickness will not allow the paint to spread well. On the other hand, too much thinness will make the paint runny.

When preparing the paint, give it a creamy consistency or the consistency of honey. This will make the paint better to work with.

The Bottom Line

Tempera paint washes off the concrete or pretty much any other surface. So, if you intend to use it to decorate your patios or driveway, the paint will eventually fade or peel off. If you want to wash off the paint after a few days, you can just use liquid soap mixed with water and use a wire scrub brush to wash the paint off.

You can also use pressure water from the hose to rinse. Tempera paint won’t be stubborn if you want to wash it off. So, you can use it on concrete and wash it off when you want.