Can you use acrylic paint on slate?

Acrylic paint is affordable and safer than other paints, so like others, you might have a question, “Can you use acrylic paint on slate?” The answer is yes; you can use acrylic paint on the slate, but you must follow some necessary steps. Otherwise, it would be a little hard for you. 

Most acrylic paints are water-based, but they become water-resistant when they dry. In addition, if you use water or acrylic medium, you can modify the paint’s flexibility, hardness, texture, appearance, and other characteristics. 

Can you use acrylic paint on slate
Beautiful acrylic painting on slate

Now, let’s get back to the details discussion about whether you can use Acrylic Paint on Slate. 

How to prepare Slate for Acrylic Paint? 

Before starting to paint, you have to prepare the Slate. Otherwise, debris and dart will make the work look less beautiful. So, first, you have to clean the slate well by following the procedure below: 

  • First Step: Wear work gloves or use a scrub brush to remove the moss or loose dirt. If you recycle old tiles, you can use a nylon-bristled scrub brush. 
  • Second Step: After removing the debris, mix dish soap with warm water and wash the slate. 
  • Third Step:  After cleaning correctly, put the slate aside to dry. You can put it under the sun, but before painting, you must ensure that both sides of the slate are completely dry.

Pro Tip: Don’t use wire brushes. Otherwise, there is a possibility it may scratch the Slate. 

Now, your Slate is ready for paint, and you must prepare the acrylic paint before using it. Check the below section to learn about painting techniques for Acrylic Paint on Slate: 

Painting Techniques for Acrylic Paint on Slate

Acrylic painting on slate
Acrylic painting on slate

You will need some materials before starting to paint as follows: 

Acrylic Paint : 

Acrylic paint has different textures and colors. Generally, there are two types of Acrylic paint available in the market. Fluid and high Viscosity. So, which Acrylic paint will be the right choice for painting on Slate? Well, if you prefer Van Gogh-style creations, you can choose high Viscosity, or if you like landscapes, use fluid type. 


You will need one small and one large brush. 

A Platte or Surface: 

You will need a Platte or surface to mix the different paint colors. But it would be best if you don’t use paper; otherwise, the color will stick. 

Platte for mixing different paint colors
Mixing different acrylic colors on palette

A Palette Knife: 

A Palette Knife is a fantastic tool to help you mix the paint colors. In addition, with a palette knife, you can also paint a surface. 

Scrap paper: 

Scrap paper is required to remove the excess paint from your brush or test the paint quality. 

Now you have all the materials in your hand, so let’s find out the painting techniques below: 

Applying desired background color
Acrylic color design on slate with paint brush
  • First, put the desired colors on the Platte and mix them with water or acrylic medium. Please don’t make it too thin. 
  • Then, using a brush or Palette Knife, apply a base coat of the desired background color on the slate.  
  • After that coat dries, you have to add a second coat. 
  • Wait until the second coat dries. 
  • Now, you have to make the design using a pencil or chalk. 
  • Then, put the small brush on the acrylic paint and fill the spaces between the lines. 
  • Afterward, you can wait until the first shade dries or create shadows or Ombre-style patterns on the slate. 
  • Now, apply the second shade to layer colors. 
  • Finally, you can use painter’s tape to create designs like borders and stripes, and your slate is ready! 
Applying second shade to layer colors
Applying second shade to layer design

However, you have to make sure that, while using colors, it should not overlap another color. Otherwise, the tile won’t look beautiful, and you may have to apply colors again. Also, it would be best if you remember that, Acrylic paint dries very fast, so don’t take too much time. Otherwise, you have to add medium or water again. 

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Slate

Generally, if you intend to keep the tile indoors, it’s optional to seal the slate. But, sealing Acrylic paint on the Slate will protect the color. So, if you want, you can use spray-on polyurethane, acrylic sealer, or decoupage medium to seal your work. After applying these sealers, your slate will look slightly shiny or wet. 

However, I recommend using a foam or nylon brush to apply brush-on sealers. 

Alternatives to Acrylic Paint on Slate

If you don’t have Acrylic paint in your house, you can use Latex paints as an alternative to Acrylic paint on Slate. Generally, you can apply latex paints very easily, and they are non-flammable. Moreover, sometimes Acrylic paints may become dark when they dry. But you won’t face such an issue with Latex paints. 


After reading this article, you should clearly know the answer to your question, “Can you use acrylic paint on slate?” Basically, Acrylic pains are versatile, so you can use it on any surface that is wax and oil-free, other than slate. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to complete the work faster with acrylic paint as it dries quickly, and you can create different textures by adding different mediums. Again, if you have children and pets at home, it won’t harm them as it is safer and less toxic than other paints from the market. 

So, without further worries, use acrylic paint on the slate and decorate your house just like you want!