Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear

Have you ever stared at a paint swatch, trying to decide between two shades of white? Choosing a paint color is no small task, but if you’re considering Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear for your home decor project, you’ve already got some great options.

Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear
Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear

While the two colors look similar at first glance, they can actually have quite different undertones and effects in different lighting and room sizes. Let’s take a closer look.

Here Are the Differences between Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear Paint

Behr Whisper White and Polar Bear Paint are two popular paint colors offering a crisp, clean look in any room. But, there are differences between the two hues, which can be beneficial when choosing a home or office project. Also, check Bit of Sugar and Whisper White and Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee to get ideas about these hues. These articles will also help you to get a better understanding of Behr’s different hues.

Here are some key differences between Behr Whisper White and Polar Bear paint:


Behr Whisper White has a warm yellow undertone, while Behr Polar Bear has a cool blue undertone. When combined with other hues, these two undertones create distinct color combinations, resulting in different visual effects.

For example, Behr Whisper White can be paired with bright colors like oranges and yellows, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear undertones
Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear undertones

On the other hand, Behr Polar Bear can be used with cool blues and greens to create a more modern feel. By combining the two hues together, an interesting mix of subtle contrast can be achieved that can give any room a unique look.


Behr Whisper White is a slightly creamy off-white color, while Polar Bear is a pure white color. This difference in hue instantly changes the look of any wall or piece of furniture it is applied to, as Behr Whisper White has slight yellow undertones that will add warmth to any room.

Conversely, Behr Polar Bear will provide a crisp and clean look to any space due to its pure white hue. Furthermore, because of its bright, pure white hue, Behr Polar Bear can help to make any space appear larger by reflecting more light around the room than Whisper White would do.


Both colors are available in various sheens, but Behr Whisper White tends to have a slightly more matte finish than Polar Bear. This means that Whisper White will absorb lighter than Behr Polar Bear, which gives it an almost soft velvet quality.

But, if your preference is brighter and shinier, Behr Polar Bear may be better suited as it will reflect more light from surfaces and create an overall brighter atmosphere in any room used.


Behr Polar Bear is a highly reflective white, while Behr Whisper White is less reflective. This difference in reflectivity creates two different effects when used on walls or furniture.

The Polar Bear’s high reflectivity means it will bounce light back into the room. In contrast, Behr Whisper White’s low reflectivity means that it will absorb lighter and generally make spaces seem darker than they otherwise would be without this hue present.

Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear reflectivity
Behr Whisper White vs Polar Bear

Therefore, if you are looking for something that can add brightness and make your space seem larger, then Polar Bear might work best, whereas Behr Whisper White could work better for areas where you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, such as bedrooms or study rooms.


Behr Whisper White offers a more gentle, subdued contrast than its counterpart, Behr Polar Bear. Its warm undertones create a soft, soothing ambiance that works particularly well when paired with subtle variations of the same shade.

Unlike Polar Bear, which can be jarring and overpowering when used in the same context due to its high reflectivity level, Whisper White adds depth without overwhelming the other colors in the palette.

If you want to create a calm and serene atmosphere in your home or workspace, Behr Whisper White is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

Room Size

Behr Whisper White is ideal for smaller rooms, as its warm tones can make the area feel more inviting and cozier. On the other hand, Behr Polar Bear is best suited to larger rooms, as its bright color will help to open up space and create an airier atmosphere.


Behr Whisper White is designed to be forgiving in low-lit spaces, as its softer hues won’t look washed out or dull. And Behr Polar Bear can look harsh in dim lighting, so it’s best used in well-lit areas with plenty of natural or artificial light.


When coordinating with other colors, Whisper White is the safer choice. It has a neutral hue that pairs easily with other shades and tints, making it suitable for any decor style.

Polar Bear requires more caution when combining with other colors If not done carefully, it can clash with existing palettes and look tacky.


Behr Whisper White has a classic quality that perfectly fits traditional and transitional interior design styles. This makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a timeless look.

On the other hand, Behr Polar Bear has a contemporary vibe that works well in modern settings. This color could be the perfect pick to give your home an updated feel.


The two tones have very different effects on moods. With its warm undertones, Behr Whisper White creates an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation. This makes it perfect for bedrooms and living areas.

Conversely, Behr Polar Bear energizes the space with its cool vibes. This could be ideal for office spaces or high-traffic areas where people need to stay alert and productive.

Create Your Dream Home Ambiance with Behr Whisper White and Polar Bear Paint

When choosing between Behr Whisper White and Polar Bear paint, it’s important to consider the hue, sheen, reflectivity, contrast levels, room size, lighting conditions, and coordination with existing decor.

Both colors give off a subtle yet stylish vibe that will help create an inviting atmosphere. It just comes down to what works best with your overall style and mood. No matter which shades you choose, these whites will make your space much brighter.

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