Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee

Are you on the hunt for a paint color that will leave your home feeling light and airy? If so, then you’ll want to consider Behr Palais White or Swiss Coffee.

Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee
Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee

Both colors are popular choices for a crisp, clean look. But they have subtle differences in their undertones, hue, saturation, LRV, sheen, and mood that can make all the difference in the right environment. Read on to learn more about these two shades of white and their distinct characteristics. You can also find the differences between Bit of Sugar vs Whisper White other two colors from Behr.

The Differences between Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee Paint

Behr Palais White and Swiss Coffee are two popular shades of white in interior design. Both colors offer a subtle, classic look that can create a calming atmosphere in any room. The main differences between these two shades are given below:


Behr Palais White paint has warm, pink undertones, while cool, gray undertones characterize Swiss Coffee paint. The warmer hue of the Palais White gives it a softer, more neutral appearance, while Behr Swiss Coffee’s grayish tones lend a moodier feel.


Palais White is a soft white with a hint of beige, giving it an inviting and cozy appearance. Behr Swiss Coffee is a creamy off-white hue that adds depth to interior spaces.

The beige tones of Palais White can make rooms seem larger and brighter, while the creamy hues of Swiss Coffee create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Regarding saturation levels, Palais White is highly saturated compared to Swiss Coffee which has lower saturation levels. This gives Behr Palais White an intense color intensity while making Swiss Coffee appear more muted and subtle in comparison.

Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee paint
Behr Palais White vs Swiss Coffee

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) for Palais White is 87.64, slightly higher than its counterpart’s LRV of 84.74. This means that when light hits the surface painted with Palais White, it will reflect more light than the surface painted with Behr Swiss Coffee making the former lighter in appearance.


Both colors are available in different sheens ranging from high gloss to flat matte finishes. Still, Behr Palais White generally tends to have a more matte finish than Behr Swiss Coffee due to its higher LRV value resulting in less light being reflected off its surface than its counterpart creating a softer look overall.


The mood of a room can be significantly impacted by the choice of paint color. Behr Palais White provides a sense of coziness, while Swiss Coffee creates a feeling of sophistication and elegance.

Palais White’s warm tones evoke comfort and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for living rooms or bedrooms. Swiss Coffee suits formal spaces, like dining rooms or offices, as its cool tones provide a sophisticated atmosphere.

Room size

Palais White is an excellent choice for smaller rooms, as its warmth helps create the illusion of additional space. The softer hue makes the room appear larger and more open, helping it to feel comfortable and inviting.

Swiss Coffee works well in larger rooms due to its darker tone, which creates a dramatic effect. The bolder color also helps to make a statement in grand spaces.

Furniture Pairing

When selecting furniture to pair with these colors, it is important to consider the undertones present in each paint shade. Behr Palais White has warmer undertones that work best with furniture pieces in warm colors such as browns, reds, oranges, and yellows.

On the other hand, Swiss Coffee has cooler undertones, so cool-toned furniture works best; think blues, greens and purples.


Lighting plays an important role when selecting paint colors because it can really influence how they look on the walls. Behr Palais White looks best in rooms with natural light because its softness enhances the effects of sunlight streaming through windows during daytime hours.

For artificial light sources such as lamps or overhead lighting fixtures, Behr Swiss Coffee is a great option due to its dark hue that stands out even in low light conditions.


Behr Palais White is incredibly versatile and suitable for various design styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Its neutral hue allows for a wide range of decor options making it easy to incorporate into any space regardless of style preference or existing furnishings.

In comparison, Swiss Coffee has more limited applications as it works best within traditional or transitional designs due to its classic look and feel that complement existing elements already present within these styles.

Brighten Your Home with the Perfect Shade of White

Behr Palais White and Swiss Coffee are beautiful shades of white that can easily brighten up any space. Although they share some similarities in terms of hue and saturation, such as being warm whites with an LRV between 84 to 88, they differ significantly in other aspects like their undertones, sheen, and mood.

Before choosing between them for your next painting project, it’s best to consider how each one might look in the environment where it will be used. Factors like room size, furniture pairing, lighting conditions, and versatility should all affect your decision-making process.