Behr Very navy vs. Hale navy: Know the difference

Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy, these colors come from different color collections, even though one may find them similar with his bare eyes. That’s why comparing Behr Very Navy vs. Hale Navy is common among painters or people wanting to paint their homes or office space. In this article will discuss the key differences between these two Navy painting colors.

Behr Very navy vs Hale navy
Behr Very navy vs Hale navy

Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy are two major navy blue colors today. Both are deep, rich blues that is useful in several situations. In this article, we’ll look at these two colors more closely, comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences to help you decide which is ideal.

Behr Very Navy vs Hale Navy

Behr Very Navy and Benjamin Moore Hale Navy are popular navy blue paint colors. Behr Very Navy has a little trace of purple undertones and is part of Behr’s Marquee line of paint, and Hale Navy has a slight green undertone and is from Benjamin Moore.

Both colors provide excellent coverage and durability, and the choice between the two is ultimately determined by personal preference and the project’s specific requirements.

Behr Very Navy

Behr Very Navy is a rich and versatile traditional navy blue. This color has a lot of depth and looks great in many lighting situations. It’s an excellent choice for anyone wishing to add a bit of refinement to their area without going overboard. Behr Very Navy is slightly more muted than some other navy blues on the market, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a more subtle navy.

Behr Very navy
Behr Very navy

Behr Very Navy is a fantastic backdrop for brighter colors, one of its many advantages. It looks great with a number of other colors, such as gentle pinks, warm oranges, and bright yellows. It also complements lighter blues, making it a versatile color, and you can use it in various combinations.

Hale Navy

On the other hand, Hale Navy is a darker, more vivid blue. It’s a traditional navy shade that’s ideal for making a big statement in your home. Unlike Behr Very Navy, Hale Navy has more depth and intensity, making it suitable for those looking for a more dramatic navy.

Benjamin moore Hale  navy
Benjamin moore Hale navy

One of the best aspects of the Hale Navy is that it works well in various situations. It’s ideal for giving depth to a living room or bedroom; you can use it in the kitchen or bathroom. This color looks well with bright colors like red or orange, but it also looks good with lighter tones like white or cream.


Here is the comparison between Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy:

 Behr Very NavyHale Navy
Level of intensityMutedDeep and intense
UndertoneSlight grey undertoneSlight green undertone
VersatilityMore versatile, pairs well with both bold and subdued colorsPairs well with other bold colors, but may be more challenging to pair with more subdued colors
Best forThose who want a navy that is a little more understated and sophisticatedThose who want a bold, dramatic color that will make a statement
Ideal backdrop forBright, bold colorsNeutral colors

It’s important to note that these are broad characteristics of each color, and the exact shade might vary based on lighting and other colors in the space. Finally, the best method to decide between Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy is to experiment with samples in your environment and see which one you prefer.

Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy
Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy

More comparison of specific differences between Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy:

 Behr Very NavyHale Navy
Color CodeS530-7HC-154
Light Reflectance Value (LRV)46
RGB ValuesR: 36, G: 48, B: 64R: 42, G: 54, B: 63
Ideal backdrops forBright, bold colorsNeutral colors
Recommended usageWalls, ceilings, trim, doors, and accent wallsWalls, cabinets, and accent walls
Finish optionsMatte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-glossMatte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss

Which one to choose?

So, which navy blue suits you best? Finally, it comes down to your unique preferences and the precise requirements of your space. Hale Navy is the way to go if you want a bold, dramatic color that will stand out. Behr Very Navy is an excellent choice if you prefer a navy blue that is more subdued and refined.

When selecting a navy blue, examining the other colors in your room is essential. If your area contains a lot of bright, vivid colors, Behr Very Navy would be a better choice because it will give a more calm backdrop for these colors. On the other hand, if your space is primarily neutral, Hale Navy is a good choice.


  1. How does Behr Very Navy compare to other navy blue paint colors?

Behr Very Navy is a deep and rich navy blue with a subtle grey undertone, making it an excellent choice for a sophisticated and timeless style. Behr Very Navy is frequently considered more muted and versatile than other navy blue paint colors.

  1. Is Behr Very Navy a good color for small rooms?

Yes, Behr Very Navy works great in small spaces. However, darker colors might make a room appear smaller and more confined. To avoid this, pair dark colors with lighter accents and plenty of natural light.

  1. How does Hale Navy differ from Behr Very Navy?

Hale Navy is darker and more powerful navy blue than Behr Very Navy. It also has a subtle green undertone, giving it a more powerful and dramatic appearance. Hale Navy is frequently used to create a focal point or to provide depth to a room.

  1. Can I use Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy together in the same space?

Yes, you can apply both colors in the same room. They look well as accents or as part of a more prominent color scheme. To avoid creating an environment that feels too heavy or overbearing, balance the dark colors with plenty of brighter shades.



There you have the comparison of  Behr Very Navy vs. Hale Navy! Behr Very Navy and Hale Navy are two excellent choices for anyone wishing to paint a navy blue color on their house. They might look similar at first glance, but a closer look reveals distinctions in intensity, undertones, and versatility.

So go ahead and get some swatches and start experimenting – you might be shocked by what you discover!

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