Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray: Which One to Choose

If we talk about Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray, then these two are popular paint colors from Benjamin Moore. Similarities in these colors are both are very light grays. But when comparing them side by side, the results are different.

Balboa Mist, also known as 1549, is a light, warm gray with slight blue undertones. It gives an inviting effect and works nicely with white trim and natural wood accents. It may also be used in a variety of places, including bedrooms and living rooms.

Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray
Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray, also known as 972, OC-15, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose greige (gray-beige) with warm undertones. Depending on the lighting and situation, it can appear gray or beige. It matches warm and cool colors, making it a popular choice for modern and traditional decor.

Balboa Mist Vs Edgecomb Gray: Table of Differences

Both colors may look the same, but they offer different features that make them stand out.

FeatureBalboa MistEdgecomb Gray
UndertonesBalboa Mist has subtle blue undertones that create a cool, calming feel.Edgecomb Gray has warm beige undertones that make a cozy, inviting feel.
LightingBalboa Mist appears cooler in north-facing rooms and can vary in different lighting conditions.Edgecomb Gray tends to warm up in natural light and is versatile in different lighting conditions.
IntensityBalboa Mist is lighter than Edgecomb Gray, creating a softer and more subtle look.Edgecomb Gray is a slightly deeper shade, adding a touch of richness to the room.
VersatilityBalboa Mist is limited in terms of coordinating with other colors due to its cooler undertones.Edgecomb Gray is more versatile and pairs well with warm and cool colors.
MoodBalboa Mist creates a calm, serene atmosphere, ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms.Edgecomb Gray has a cozy and inviting feel, perfect for living rooms or dining rooms.

It will help you to understand the difference between Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray. These two look almost identical to the naked eye, but specification-wise, they are different and carry their own characteristics. Here you will know it all.

Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray comparison
Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray comparison
SpecificationBalboa MistEdgecomb Gray
Light Reflectance Value (LRV)65.5363.09
RGB ValuesR: 218 G: 213 B: 204R: 218 G: 209 B: 196
Hex Value#DAD5CC#DAD1C4
Warm/Cool ToneCoolWarm
UndertonesSubtle blueWarm beige
Recommended UseBedrooms, living rooms, bathroomsLiving rooms, dining rooms, kitchens

Which one to choose?

If you’re confused about which to choose between Balboa Mist and Edgecomb, these key factors may assist you. But choosing between Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of the painted space. Wickham gray vs gray owl are two different variants of gray paints that complement both traditional and modern settings. Here are a few factors to consider:

Benjamin moore Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray
Benjamin moore Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray

Balboa Mist:

  • Creates a cooler, calming feel.
  • Has subtle blue undertones.
  • Is limited in terms of coordinating with other colors due to its cool undertones.
  • Recommended for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Lighting can affect how the color appears in space.

Edgecomb Gray:

  • Creates a warmer, inviting feel.
  • Has warm beige undertones.
  • Is versatile and pairs well with both warm and cool colors.
  • Recommended for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.
  • Natural light can warm up the color.

You should keep these factors in mind for choosing between these colors. Choose wisely according to your needs and environment.

Color Combination

Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray are light gray and can look good in different color combinations. Here are the color combinations to go with:

Balboa Mist Color combination

  • Wolf Gray: Wolf Gray is an excellent choice for a wide range of areas and styles. It works well in traditional and modern settings and complements a wide range of other hues, including whites, beige, blues, and greens.
  • Saturated Green: Saturated green is a vibrant and deep green shade full of vibrancy and energy. It is a versatile color that can be utilized to create moods and atmospheres depending on how it matches other colors and design elements.
  • Deep Poinsettia: Deep Poinsettia is a deep and striking red inspired by the brilliant red hue of the Poinsettia plant, which is typically linked with the winter holiday season. It’s a deep, saturated red with a warm undertone, making it an excellent choice for adding drama and richness to any creative project.

Edgecomb Gray Color combination

  • Navy: Navy is a dark blue color frequently used in business environments. It can be used with other hues like gray, orange, and green to create complementary ensembles suitable for formal wear.
  • Charcoal Gray: Charcoal gray is a dark gray with a cool undertone. On the color wheel, the color follows after light blue and before black. It can be used to add depth to an outfit or to create a classy appearance.
  • Pale White: Edgecomb Bray, pale white works well with navy and charcoal gray. The combination will result in an attractive appearance that may be used in any room of your house or business.


  1. Which color is lighter, Balboa Mist or Edgecomb Gray?

– Balboa Mist has a slightly higher Light Reflectance Value (LRV) than Edgecomb Gray, making it slightly lighter.

  1. Which color works better in natural light?

– Edgecomb Gray tends to warm up in natural light, while Balboa Mist can appear cooler in north-facing rooms. Consider the natural light in the space you plan to paint and how it might affect the color.

  1. Can I use Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray together?

– Yes, Balboa Mist and Edgecomb Gray can work well together in the same space, especially if you use them strategically. One way to use them together is by painting different walls in different colors.


Finally, Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray comes to the conclusion that these two are great options for offering a neutral, flexible backdrop in any room. Edgecomb Gray has a warm, inviting feel with beige undertones, while Balboa Mist has a cooler, calm effect with light blue undertones. When deciding on a color, consider the lighting, coordinating colors, and specific needs of the room.

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