Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee (Which one is preferable)

Painting is an excellent way to transform your home into a beautiful, cozy, and inviting space. But, selecting the right paint color can be overwhelming, especially with so many shades and brands in the market.

Behr Silky White and Swiss Coffee are two popular colors that you may have come across in your search for the perfect shade. Both colors have their unique features and benefits. And, understanding the differences between the two can make choosing one over the other much easier.

Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee
Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee

Throughout this article, we’ll explore the differences between Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee paint.

The Differences Between Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee

Painting your home can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right color. Two popular choices in the neutral palette are Behr Silky White and Swiss Coffee. If you want navy color in your home, you can go for Behr very Navy vs Hale Navy.

While both shades may appear similar at first glance, they offer distinct differences that can elevate the look and feel of your living space.


Behr Silky White has a warm yellow undertone that adds a cozy and inviting feel to any space, while Behr Swiss Coffee boasts a cool gray undertone that produces a more sophisticated and refined atmosphere.

Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee undertones
Silky White vs Swiss Coffee undertones

The yellow undertone in Silky White complements earthy hues such as brown, gold, and orange, whereas the gray undertone in Swiss Coffee pairs better with cooler tones like blue and green.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

With an LRV of 84.76, Behr Silky White reflects a significant amount of light and is considered a very bright white.

On the other hand, Behr Linen White Vs Swiss Coffee has an LRV of 84.4, which is slightly brighter than Silky White. The high reflectance of both colors makes them ideal for small spaces with limited natural light.


Behr Silky White is a less saturated white with a more subdued and flashy appearance. In contrast, Behr Swiss Coffee is a more saturated color that adds depth and richness to the hue. The saturation level in Swiss Coffee creates a visually significant presence in larger rooms.


Behr Silky White is pure white with a subtle yellow tint that gives the space a warm and welcoming character. On the other hand, Behr Swiss Coffee is an off-white color with a grayish undertone that gives off a more sophisticated and timeless vibe.

The hue of Silky White complements warm, earthy tones, while the hue of Behr Smoky White Vs Swiss Coffee enhances cooler tones.


Behr Silky White is a flatter, less dimensional color that exhibits a clean, sophisticated look with minimal textural changes. Meanwhile, Behr Swiss Coffee has more depth and complexity due to its slightly textured matte finish.

Swiss Coffee’s complexity elevates the painted surface’s overall aesthetic and provides a visually interesting look.


Behr Silky White has a warm and inviting feel that creates a cozy ambiance, while Behr Swiss Coffee exudes a cooler, more sophisticated atmosphere.

Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee warmth
Silky White vs Swiss Coffee

The warmth of Silky White gives it a homely feel and a comfortable vibe, while the sophistication of Swiss Coffee is ideal for more formal settings.


Due to its subdued appearance, Behr Silky White is best suited for use in small spaces and as an accent color. But Behr Swiss Coffee works well as a main color in larger rooms or on exterior surfaces because of its depth and complexity.

Swiss Coffee is particularly useful in exterior spaces because it pairs well with wood, stone, and brick.

Complementary Colors

The yellow undertone in Behr Silky White pairs well with warm, earthy colors like brown, gold, and orange, while the gray undertone in Behr Swiss Coffee goes well with cool tones like blue and green. The compatibility of these colors allows for design flexibility and versatility when mixing and matching colors.


Behr Silky White’s smooth, silky finish lends a sleek and sophisticated appearance to walls and other surfaces. Behr Swiss Coffee has a slightly textured, matte finish that adds depth and dimensionality to the painted surface.

The textural character of Swiss Coffee makes it particularly well-suited for use in areas with high traffic, like hallways or entryways.

Silky White vs Swiss Coffee
Silky White vs Swiss Coffee


Behr Silky White is a color exclusively available in the Behr paint line, while Behr Swiss Coffee is a popular color many paint manufacturers offer.

The scarcity of Silky White makes it a unique and exclusive color choice, while the widespread availability of Swiss Coffee makes it easy to acquire and use in any project.

Comparison Table of Behr Silky White vs Swiss Coffee:

FeatureBehr Silky WhiteBehr Swiss Coffee
UndertonesWarm yellowCool gray
Light Reflectance Value (LRV)84.7684.4
SaturationLess saturatedMore saturated
HuePure white with a slight yellow tintOff-white with a grayish undertone
DepthFlatter, less dimensional colorMore depth and complexity
WarmthWarm, inviting feelCooler, more sophisticated vibe
UseBetter suited for small spaces or as an accent colorWorks well as a main color in larger rooms or on exterior surfaces
Complementary ColorsWarm, earthy colors like brown, gold, and orangeCooler tones like blue and green
TextureSmoother, silkier finishSlightly textured, matte finish
AvailabilityExclusive to Behr paint lineOffered by many paint manufacturers

What Is the Color Code for Behr Silky White?

The color code for Behr Silky White is PPU7-12. This neutral off-white color with a warm undertone can add a soft and cozy feel to any room. The RGB values for this color are 240, 237, 229, and its HEX code is #F0EDE5.

This makes it a creamy, warm white, perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Is Behr Swiss Coffee Good for North-Facing Rooms?

Behr Swiss Coffee can work well in North facing rooms if paired correctly with the room’s undertones. But, it is important to note that it can make carpet flooring or wall paint color look old or outdated if not chosen carefully.

Swiss Coffee is off-white with beige undertones that can create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room. Its versatility allows it to work with warm and cool color schemes, making it a perfect option for any design style.

When used correctly, it can ensure that your North facing room feels open, bright, and welcoming by adding a touch of warmth and vibrancy to the space.

Discover Your Perfect Paint Shade: Behr Silky White vs. Swiss Coffee Paint

Ultimately, when choosing between Behr Silky White and Swiss Coffee Paint, it is crucial to consider each color’s specific features and benefits. Understanding the differences in light reflectance value, saturation, hue, depth, warmth, use, complementary colors, texture, and availability is essential.

Both colors offer unique characteristics that make them great options for any space. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to select the ideal shade that will enhance your home’s appearance and fit your particular style and preferences.

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