Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore 

Are you looking for the perfect paint to spruce up your home? Maybe it’s a complete renovation of your living room or just a touch-up in the bathroom. Regardless of the project, it’s essential to do your research and understand the material you’re using.

Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore
Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore comparison

Here, we will compare Clare paint vs Benjamin Moore, outlining key differences between the two materials. From color options and coverage to durability and sheen options, explore what sets them apart and why one might be better suited for your project.

The Differences between Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore

Clare Paint and Benjamin Moore have been trusted names in the paint industry for many years. When it comes to choosing quality paint, the choice between Clare and Benjamin Moore can be a difficult one.

Understanding the differences between the two is essential so it is possible to make an informed choice about which brand is right for your specific project. If you are specifically looking for cabinet paints, you can read this post to make an informed decision.

Color options

Benjamin Moore has a much wider selection than Clare paint regarding color options. Benjamin Moore offers many different shades of traditional colors, while Clare emphasizes more modern and trendy varieties.

This makes Benjamin Moore a great choice for those who prefer more classic color schemes, while Clare is ideal for anyone looking for something on the cutting edge.

Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore color
Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore comparison


Clare paint has an incredibly thick consistency that helps it provide better coverage with fewer coats than Benjamin Moore. This makes Clare paint easier and more efficiently when painting larger areas.

On the other hand, Benjamin Moore offers a thinner paint that needs multiple coats to achieve optimal coverage but may be better for smaller projects since it won’t require as much time and effort. 


Regarding durability, Benjamin Moore takes the lead over Clare paint. The higher quality of his materials ensures that your walls remain resistant to wear and tear over time, meaning less upkeep and maintenance in the future.

Furthermore, the pigments used in Benjamin Moore paints are known for their excellent fade resistance compared to other brands, making them a great long-term investment in your home’s appearance.

Sheen options

In terms of sheen options, Clare offers just two levels (Perfect Eggshell and Subtle Semi-Gloss), while Benjamin Moore provides seven (Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss).

With such a wide range of choices offered by Benjamin Moore, you can be sure you’ll find the right look for your room that suits your style preferences and budget. You can also read Benjamin Moore Steam Vs White Dove, Benjamin Moore Alabaster vs White Dove Benjamin Moore White Sand vs Muslin to understand the various differences and variations among these types of paint.

VOC content

Clare paint is considered an eco-friendlier option because it has a lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content than Benjamin Moore. VOCs are harmful pollutants released into the air when the paint dries and can have adverse health effects for people exposed to them.

And Clare paint produces fewer of these pollutants than Benjamin Moore, making it less damaging to the environment and safer for individuals nearby.

Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore comparison
Clare Paint vs Benjamin Moore

Ease of application

Regarding ease of application, Clare paint has the edge over Benjamin Moore. This type of paint is easier to apply, requiring minimal effort to achieve an even finish.

And it tends to dry faster than its competitor, allowing for quicker results with no need for additional time waiting for coats of paint to dry completely before adding another layer.

Stain resistance

Benjamin Moore has better stain resistance than Clare Paint. This is beneficial if you are looking for a solution that will last longer without needing frequent cleaning or repainting due to dirt or other marks becoming embedded onto the surface after only a short period.

The advanced technology used in this brand’s formulation helps make it more resistant to stains. It protects from potential damage caused by water or other liquids coming into contact with the painted area.


In terms of availability, Benjamin Moore is more widely available than Clare Paint in retail stores across many countries.

It can often be found in both online and physical locations due to its higher popularity and recognition among consumers when compared with its competitor’s lower market share and presence in comparison.

Brand Reputation

Benjamin Moore has a long and trusted history in the paint industry. It’s been around since 1883 and has become a leader in professional quality paints. The company is well respected, with high-quality products used by professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers alike.

In contrast, Clare paint is newer to the market, launching in 2018. Although it has developed a good reputation over the past few years, it’s still not as well established as Benjamin Moore regarding brand trust and recognition.


Price is another major difference between Clare paint and Benjamin Moore. In general, Clare paint tends to be less expensive than Benjamin Moore, especially when you factor in discounts for buying bulk quantities and other deals offered by Clare Paint.

But, some people may think that paying more for Benjamin Moore will give them better results from their painting project, which could make up for the higher cost of their purchase.

What Kind of Paint Is Clare?

Clare by Benjamin Moore is an interior paint made from 100% acrylic for a premium finish. It requires no primer and provides even coverage with a mildew-resistant, durable finish that can be washed and scrubbed clean.

Its superior quality means it will withstand the toughest wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for any painting job.

Why Is Benjamin Moore More Expensive?

Benjamin Moore paint costs more than other brands due to its higher quality. It takes fewer coats of paint to get even coverage, so less labor is involved. Also, it will last longer before needing a new coat, saving you money in the long run.

Due to their superior durability and longevity, Benjamin Moore paints offer better value than many lower-grade paints.

Make an Informed Decision on Paint Selection for Your Home Improvement

Ultimately, both Clare paint and Benjamin Moore are great options for any home improvement project. But, depending on your specific needs and preferences, one may be more suitable.

Consider all factors such as color options, coverage, durability, sheen options, VOC content, ease of application, stain resistance, and more when deciding which type of paint is best for you.

With careful consideration of each product’s features and benefits, you can make an informed decision that will result in a beautiful outcome.

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