Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter

Are you trying to decide between Benjamin Moore’s Thunder and Revere Pewter for your interior decorating project? Both colors offer a timeless, classic look that will never go out of style. But, subtle differences between the two make them unique in their own way.

Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter

This blog post explores the differences in Light Reflectance Value (LRV), hue, mood, complementing colors, location, finish, furniture pairing, accent colors, and overall style when comparing Thunder Vs Revere Pewter. Read on to learn more about which color is right for your space.

The Differences Between Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore’s Thunder and Revere Pewter are both popular paint colors, but they have some distinct differences. Here are ten differences between Benjamin Moore Thunder and Revere Pewter:


When discussing the undertones of Thunder and Revere Pewter, it is important to note that these colors can look very different depending on the lighting in a room. Thunder is a cool, blueish-gray color that has blue undertones, while Revere Pewter is a warmer, greige color with hints of brown.

Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter undertones
Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter

When comparing the two colors side by side in a space with lots of natural light, Thunder will appear cooler and more blueish than Revere Pewter’s warmer tones. In a space with artificial or low light, however, the difference between Thunder and Revere Pewter may be less noticeable.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a paint color helps to indicate how much light a certain color absorbs or reflects. Generally speaking, lighter colors have higher LRV values and darker colors have lower LRV values.

The LRV of Benjamin Moore Thunder is 48.5, slightly darker than Revere Pewter, whose LRV is 55.5. This means that even though both colors are shades of gray, Thunder will appear to be slightly darker in comparison to Revere Pewter but still remain quite light overall.


Hue refers to the overall tone of the color based on its spectrum from blue to red or yellow to green on the color wheel.

As mentioned before, Benjamin Moore Thunder has cooler hues with bluish undertones, whereas Revere Pewter has warmer hues with brownish undertones, making it greige than simply gray.

Depending on what kind of atmosphere you’d like your room to evoke, these two colors can work together or separately for amazing effects.


The mood created by each paint color can really transform any given space into something completely new and unique.

Benjamin Moore Thunder in an interior design project will create a more dramatic and moody effect than Revere Pewter, which tends to give off more soothing vibes due to its warmer hues and lighter shade.

Complementing Colors

When looking for complementary colors to pair up with either one of these two Benjamin Moore paints, there are several promising options.

For instance, pairing Thunder up with cooler blues or greens can create beautiful contrast while still keeping within similar tonal ranges, while Revere Pewter pairs best with warmer yellows and oranges as well as other neutrals such as tans and whites.


Regarding location, a major difference between Benjamin Moore Thunder and Revere Pewter is that Thunder is better suited for north-facing rooms. At the same time, Revere Pewter will work well in different lighting conditions.

This is because north-facing light tends to be cooler and bluer, which pairs well with the deep blues found in Thunder. But, Revere Pewter has more versatility in the different types of light, given its combination of warm & cool tones. Thus, making it a great choice for various lighting conditions.


Thunder looks best in matte or eggshell finishes because its deep blues are more muted and subtle this way. On the other hand, Revere Pewter can be used in any finish since the warm grays and beiges will show through regardless of the type of finish used.

Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter finish
Benjamin Moore Thunder Vs Revere Pewter

Therefore, if you want an overall softer look that still stands out from the rest, then you should go with Revere Pewter in an eggshell or semi-gloss finish.

Furniture Pairing

When it comes to furniture pairing, Thunder pairs best with modern furniture since its deep blues will create an elegant yet contemporary feel.

Whereas Revere Pewter complements traditional or rustic decor due to its warm grays and beige tones that create a cozy atmosphere perfect for classic styles. So if you’re looking for a timeless look that also stands out then you should definitely go with Revere Pewter.

Accent Colors

Benjamin Moore Thunder looks great with black, white, and deep blues, as these colors bring out the richness of its color palette while still maintaining sophistication.

Meanwhile, Revere Pewter looks great with beige, gold, and warm grays as they give off inviting energy perfect for creating balance within your space without looking too heavy-handed or overwhelming.

So if you’re looking for some color contrast but don’t want to overdo it, then try pairing them together for a stunning effect.

Overall Style

Finally, in overall style, Benjamin Moore Thunder is best suited for contemporary or modern styles due to its deep blue hue that adds personality without being too loud or abrasive.

While Revere Pewter can work well in any design style, given its ability to blend seamlessly into any decor due to its versatility and neutrality. This makes it ideal for balancing your space without overpowering everything else around it.

Create a Timeless Interior Design with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Thunder

Benjamin Moore’s Thunder and Revere Pewter have several similarities and distinct differences. While both colors boast a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, the LRV of each hue gives them a different feel in terms of lighting.

Thunder provides a blue tone, while Revere Pewter produces a lighter ambiance. Also, they can be used around the home in different ways according to location. Thunder works best with modern furniture, while Revere Pewter blends more easily into traditional spaces.

Finally, their finishing options and accent colors allow you to customize the two shades to fit your tastes. Ultimately, whichever color you choose will provide an attractive backdrop for your decorating project.

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