Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Vs Beach Glass

Are you trying to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your home? If so, then Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments (1563) and Beach Glass (1564) might just be the perfect colors for you.

These two soft hues are ideal for creating a serene environment, whether it be in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other space. Both of these colors lean towards blue, grey and a touch of green undertones, and they provide a uniquely beautiful look that is sure to bring peace and tranquility to any room.

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Vs Beach Glass
Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Vs Beach Glass

Here we’ll explore the differences between Quiet Moments and Beach Glass and discuss why they’re both great options when creating a restful aesthetic.

Differences between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments vs Beach Glass

If you’re looking to add a touch of color and style to any room, then Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass may be the perfect options for you. Both colors are soothing and calming, but they have subtle differences that make them unique. Here’s a look at the differences between these two hues. You can also check Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe Vs Revere Pewter to know their differences.

Color Family

The primary difference between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass paint colors is the color family to which each belongs. Quiet Moments belongs to the blue-green family, while Beach Glass belongs to the grey-green family as well.

This means that both of these shades feature a mix of blue, grey, and green, but the ratio of blue to green pigment in each shade varies slightly. Quiet Moments has a little more green, and Beach Glass has a little more grey, so they are different enough in color for the two to be distinguishable from one another when placed side by side.

Differences between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments vs Beach Glass
Differences between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments vs Beach Glass


Another key difference between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass is their respective undertones. Quiet Moments has a soft blue undertone, while Beach Glass has a softer grey undertone.

This means that even though both colors have some degree of green in them, they will appear different when viewed on walls or other surfaces due to the presence of these subtle undertones.

The blue undertone in Quiet Moments helps create a tranquil atmosphere, while the grey and green undertone in Beach Glass creates an inviting atmosphere with just enough vibrancy to keep it interesting.

Light Reflectivity

There is one more major difference between Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass’ light reflectivity. While both colors look beautiful when applied on walls or furniture, they provide vastly different levels of light reflectivity.

Quiet Moments has a low level of light reflectivity, whereas Beach Glass offers moderate levels of light reflectivity. This distinction can be important if you are looking for a certain brightness or ambiance in your room since lighter colors tend to open up smaller spaces. In comparison, darker colors can make them feel cozier and more intimate.


The paint color Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments has a low level of saturation. It has muted tones, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any space. On the other hand, Benjamin Moore Beach Glass has a moderate saturation level.

Its colors are brighter and more vivid than Quiet Moments, allowing it to provide a fresh and lively feel to any room.


The depth of Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments is soft and muted. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peace of mind. In contrast, Beach Glass has a clearer and brighter depth that invokes energy and life into any space.


The mood created by Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments vs Palladian blue is one of tranquility and serenity. Its tonal qualities make it perfect for rooms designed for meditation or restful activities.

Conversely, the mood evoked by Beach Glass is one of liveliness and vibrancy. Its bright colors help energize any space, making it ideal for playful or entertaining environments.


Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments is a versatile paint color used in various spaces, including bedrooms and bathrooms. Its neutral hue allows it to blend in with many different decor styles while still providing a calming atmosphere.

Beach Glass is best suited for bright and airy spaces such as living rooms and kitchens. Its light blue-green tones help to create a feeling of openness and brightness without being too overpowering. Both colors are quite versatile, but each has its strengths regarding certain types of spaces.

Differences between Quiet Moments vs Beach Glass
Differences between Quiet Moments vs Beach Glass

Trim Color

Quiet Moments pairs well with white or cream trim, allowing the subdued colors to create an elegant look that won’t distract from the overall design of the room. For those looking for something a little more modern, Beach Glass pairs nicely with white or light gray trim.

This combination adds subtle contrast between colors while still blending well with other colors used in the room’s decor. Either way, both Benjamin Moore paints make for great trim colors that will pull any room together in style.


The Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments paint color is a neutral, muted blue-gray, suitable for all seasons. The cool tones in color give it a subtle depth and richness that make it a good choice for walls regardless of the weather outside.

On the other hand, Beach Glass is a light, bright aqua shade of grey with hints of green. This color is more suitable for spring and summer as its cheerful vibrancy gives off warm, sunny energy.


Both Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass are popular color choices. Quiet Moments has become increasingly popular due to its versatility. The cool tones work well in any season and with many different interior design styles.

Beach Glass has also gained popularity due to its bright, cheerful hue and its ability to bring some sunshine indoors during warmer months of the year.

Is Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments Warm or Cool?

Quiet Moments is a blue-gray paint color with subtle green undertones, which gives it a warm and cozy feel. The combination of gray and green creates a soothing balance that helps to provide a relaxing atmosphere in any room of the house. This shade has enough warmth to bring out a sense of comfort while maintaining an airy, light feeling due to its blue hues.

With its subtle tones, Quiet Moments is not only stylish but also versatile, making it suitable for any interior design style. Whether you’re looking for something calming or vibrant, this color can accommodate both looks while maintaining its cozy appeal.

How Long Does Benjamin Moore Beach Glass Paint Last?

The lifespan of Benjamin Moore Beach Glass paint, like any paint, will depend on several factors, such as the type of paint, the surface it is applied to, and the conditions the paint is exposed to (e.g. sunlight, moisture, heat).

Generally, high-quality paint from Benjamin Moore has a lifespan of around 5-10 years when applied correctly and properly. This means that the paint will retain its color and gloss for that period, but after that, it may start to fade, yellow, or lose its shine.

To extend the life of your paint, it is recommended to clean the surface regularly and to touch up any areas that are showing signs of wear and tear. You can also consider using a protective topcoat, such as a clear polyurethane, to help protect the paint and extend its lifespan.

Create a Calming Paradise in Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a muted green color with blue undertones or a light blue-green hue with gray undertones, Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments and Beach Glass offer the perfect balance of calming vibes for any interior design project.

No matter your preference between the two colors, both are excellent options for creating a tranquil atmosphere within your home. So next time you want to make an area in your home more zen-like, consider incorporating one of these calming shades.

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