How to Turn Tempera Paint Shiny: (Easy Tips)

When we talk about non-toxic paint, Tempera paint is the best choice. The paint is suitable for easels, sponges, crafts, and more! You can use it both at home and in school for your projects. 

However, tempera paint doesn’t provide a shiny look but is flat and matt when dried. Some ways can add extra sheen and gloss to your tempera paint. If you have this query in mind and wondering about how to make tempera paint shiny, mate, you are in the safe hand. In this article, we will discuss some techniques you can apply to make your tempera paint shiny. 

How to Turn Tempera Paint Shiny   

Tempera paints get dry very quickly due to their texture. However, if you add or coat it with a layer of mod podge gloss, once the tempera paint dries, you can achieve the shiny look. Make sure to use ‘Mod podge gloss,’ the ideal sort of mod podge for tempera paint, instead of the regular mod podge, as it gives an eggshell texture type appearance to your tempera paint-made artwork.

 For tempera paint, mod podge gloss will add an element to your artwork by giving it a shiny, reflective look and will make your painting last longer since the extra layer of mod podge gloss provides additional protection. 

The glossy texture of mod podge shares fantastic preserving properties, and it adds more shine and a reflective appearance to tempera paint. Moreover, due to it having a smoother layer, it can give your art a subtle layer of shield from water. 

Moreover, the glossy one is an outstanding choice if you want to add some vibrant intricacy to your tempera paint-made artwork. Artists usually opt for this type of finish because it gives off riveting and expensive appearing textures.

In addition, mod podge gloss serves a valuable purpose for tempera paints and provides you with phenomenal results in terms of turning tempera paints shiny. Moreover, if you wish to turn tempera paint slightly glossy/shiny, you can try coating the paint with mod podge satin. 

While it does not make the tempera paint completely shiny, it leaves a hue of sheen for your tempera paintings due to its texture. It does not turn your artwork completely matte or glossy. Apart from that, you can add glitter to your tempera paint to give it a little sheen or turn it slightly shiny. You can also try tempera paint on your hair.


Is Tempera Paint Permanent Wood?

Tempera paints are not permanent on wood. So if your surface needs a longer-lasting paint, you shouldn’t go for tempera paint.

 Can I Varnish Over Tempera?

Yes, you can. You need to wait for the paint to dry, then you can apply more or like any sort of varnish on it. Varnish helps to protect the paint for a long time.

How Do I Seal Tempera Paint?

Thinned acrylic varnish or medium can be used to seal tempera painting. Tempera paint can be washed off easily, even when it dries. So be cautious when you are to wet the paint again. Avoid using a brush instead you can use a foam roller to make paint stick on the surface. Avoid rolling the varnish on the paint with too many strokes. Finish sealing with as less brush strokes as possible.

Shining tempera paint

The Bottom Line

There you have it. If you want to turn your flat tempera paint shiny you can use the above-stated methods. Mod podge gloss will be your ultimate best friend if you want to catapult your tempera paint shiny. 

Making tempera paint shiny is not an easy task but it’s not undoable either.