Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

When choosing paint for your home, you want the best quality and finish that suits your tastes. Benjamin Moore Alabaster paint and Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint are two top-rated paints available today. But what are the differences between them?

Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster has a pinkish hue, while Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster has more of a greige tone. Regarding durability, these two brands offer different sheen options, color selection, coverage area, application processes, opacity levels, availability, and cost factors, as well as maintenance & clean-up considerations.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

In this blog post, we’ll look at these factors in greater detail so you can decide which one will be more suitable for your project.

Differences Between Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

When choosing paint, you can come across different types of paint finishes, such as Behr Swiss Coffee vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Paint, Benjamin Moore pearl and satin finishes, and Benjamin Moore Alabaster vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

If you’re looking for a subtle and timeless paint color, then Benjamin Moore Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Alabaster are two great options. But, there are some critical differences between the two shades.

Before going deep into detailed differences, you can check the table at a glance to see the key differences between these two brands’ Alabaster paint.

CriteriaBenjamin AlabasterSherwin Williams Alabaster
Undertonessubtle pink undertonesNeutral Beige undertones
LRV (Light Reflectance Value)85.0882
RGBR: 242, G: 239, B: 232R: 237, G: 234, B: 224
Hex Value#F3F0E9#EDEAE0
VersatilityHighly versatileHighly versatile
Ideal ApplicationsSuitable for interiorsSuitable for interiors
Popular UseWalls, ceilings, trimWalls, ceilings, trim
Best Room MatchesLiving rooms, bedroomsLiving rooms, bedrooms
MaintenanceEasy to maintainEasy to maintain
Recommended PairingWide range of colorsVarious color schemes


Regarding durability, Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster is a high-quality paint that can last up to 10 years when correctly applied and cared for. It has strong adhesion to surfaces, resists fading, and is resistant to mildew growth. The paint also provides excellent protection against UV light, which helps ensure that the color of your walls will stay vibrant for years.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a durable paint option with excellent adhesion and fades resistance. But its mildew resistance isn’t as strong as Benjamin Moore’s. And Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster doesn’t offer the same level of UV protection as Benjamin Moore’s, meaning it may not retain its color quite as long.

Sheen Options

Benjamin Moore Alabaster can be purchased in three different sheen levels: flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. Each sheen level offers a slightly different finish with varying levels of reflectivity and durability. The flat finish has no shine or reflection and is ideal for areas like ceilings where high reflectivity isn’t needed.

Eggshell offers just the right amount of shine while still having good washability and durability, making it a good choice for areas like bedrooms or living rooms. Semi-gloss is highly durable and provides excellent washability due to its higher shine level making it ideal for areas like kitchens or bathrooms where frequent cleaning is necessary.

Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster paint only comes in almost off-white paint color, so those looking for finishes with more or less sheen may want to look elsewhere if they prefer something other than eggshell.

Color Selection

Benjamin Moore’s Alabaster range provides dozens of colors from off-white to warm yellow hues depending on what look you’re going for in your home. It also makes it easy to find matching colors across other Benjamin Moore ranges, such as Regal Select or Aura Grand Entrance, if you want to create a cohesive look throughout multiple rooms in your house.

Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster color
Benjamin Moore Alabaster Vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster Comparison

Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster range similarly has many different hues available. Still, it does not offer matching colors with any other ranges, so finding a consistent look across multiple rooms may be more difficult with this brand than with Benjamin Moore’s range.

Coverage Area

The coverage area offered by each brand varies depending on the product used. Still, generally speaking, both companies offer similar coverage area estimates per gallon of paint ranging from 250 to 400 square feet per gallon depending on surface porosity and the number of coats applied.

But Benjamin Moore’s paints have more paint in them. So you can use less per square foot. This often results in better coverage than products from Sherwin-Williams. That is because there is less paint in them. You would need more product overall per square foot to get the same result as Benjamin Moore paints.

Application Processes

Benjamin Moore Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Alabaster both have an easy-to-apply application process. Benjamin Moore Alabaster is available as a pre-tinted paint and can be applied with a roller or brush, making it ideal for DIY projects. Its enhanced adhesion makes it easy to apply and durable when dry.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster also comes in pre-tinted paints but has the added benefit of being available in spray form. This means larger surfaces can be covered more quickly, although spraying requires expert application techniques to avoid runs or streaks.

Both paints have excellent flow-out characteristics during the application, ensuring an even finish. Additional coats may be applied for either product depending on the desired coverage level.

Opacity Levels

There’s not much difference between Benjamin Moore Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Alabaster for opacity levels. Both paints offer excellent hide and coverage capabilities due to their formulaic variations containing low VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Depending on the surface they are being applied, two or more coats may be necessary to achieve full opacity. Otherwise, multiple layers of primer or sealers may be used before painting. Also, the thickness of the paint will ultimately determine how many coats are needed for complete coverage.

Availability and Cost Factors

Benjamin Moore Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Alabaster are widely available at various retailers across the US. Regarding cost factors, Benjamin Moore tends to be slightly more expensive than Sherwin Williams due to its higher quality product than other brands. So when budgeting for your project, you should keep this in mind when choosing a brand.

And while Benjamin Moore offers quarts and gallons only in pre-tinted form. Which range from $20-$45 per gallon, depending on the retailer. Sherwin Williams has a wide variety of sizes ranging from half pints to 5-gallon buckets in spray forms starting at $10 and going up over $100 depending on the size/quantity purchased.

Maintain & Clean Up Factors

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning up after using either Benjamin Moore Alabaster or Sherwin Williams Alabaster, there are some key differences worth considering as well.

For example, if you use Benjamin Moore alabaster paint and need to clean up, all you need is warm water and soap. The paint will come off easily without any special chemicals needed. But if you use Sherwin Williams alabaster, you might need to scrub harder and use cleaners made specifically for that kind of paint to get all the paint residue off surfaces where it was applied.

It is also good to know that both brands do not require much maintenance over time. But if you do need to touch them up, Benjamin Moore’s alabaster has a higher opacity level, which means it will be easier to match patches if there are small scratches. Sherwin Williams has a slightly lower opacity level, so it might be more difficult to match patches exactly.

Now that you know the difference between Benjamin Moore Alabaster and Sherwin Williams Alabaster, you can make an informed decision based on your application needs and budget.

Is Alabaster Outdated?

Alabaster is a classic color that has been used in interior design for centuries, but the question of whether it is still a popular choice today depends on the setting. When considering whether Alabaster is outdated or not, it’s essential to consider what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Although Alabaster can fit into traditional and contemporary spaces, its subtle hue may make some rooms dull and uninviting. If this concerns you, opting for lighter shades of white, such as ivory or cream, may be better suited for your needs. These colors create a brighter atmosphere while still retaining all the elegance associated with Alabaster. 

Which Is Better: Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams?

No matter which brand you choose: Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, you can rest assured knowing that both have been carefully crafted from high-quality materials and have undergone extensive testing for optimal performance.

Professional painters highly recommend both for their ease of use and excellent coverage capabilities. The final choice is yours. Take into consideration all the factors discussed above before making your selection. With either Benjamin Moore’s or Sherwin Williams’s Alabaster paint, you’ll surely get a beautiful finish that will last long.