Poster Paint On Terracotta Pots (Can You Do That?)

We love painting terracotta pots because it’s fun and can add a little crispness to our home decoration. When painting clay pots, we all get confused about choosing the right paint for our projects. Can you use poster paint on terracotta pots? This is a common question people often ask.

Yes, poster paint is an easy way to paint terracotta pots. You will not have any problem putting the coats of paint on the pot’s surface. But after painting, the paint might peel off if the pots get exposed to water because the poster color is not permanent and highly washable. 

No worries! We will provide you with all the necessary information and a step-by-step process to make your poster paint stick to the surface of your terracotta pots. Please read the article to learn more about poster paint and how to apply them to terracotta pots to create a beautiful art piece out of mundane clay. 

Poster Paint On Terracotta Pots

Can You Use Poster Paints On Terracotta Pots? 

Poster color is mainly used for paper and board. However, as long as you make sure that these are not exposed to water, there is no problem using them on other surfaces such as wooden frames, polymer clay, terracotta pots, plastics, and canvas. 

Washable poster paints are not permanent. So, If you want to use your pots in the garden where you need to water the plants, you should avoid using poster paints because poster color will not stick to the surfaces if it comes in contact with water. 

Experts suggest using acrylic paints on the terracotta pot because these paints don’t run away from the surface with water.

The problem with terracotta pots is that they would seep water from the back and into the paint, then the paint would start to wrinkle and peel off the surface. So, even if you use acrylic paint, you must take some precautions. And same goes for poster paint. You can make poster paints waterproof by following some steps.

Poster Paints On Terracotta Pots

How to Make Poster Paints Waterproof? 

Poster paint is water-based. This non-toxic, washable paint is vulnerable to water exposure. Even if you rub the color with your hands, the paint will peel off the surface, and you will get a chalky stain on your hand. 

So, how can you make the paint waterproof and stay longer on the surfaces? 

There are three primary ways that you can apply to make your paint waterproof and stay longer on the surface. 

  • Thinner-based
  • Water-based
  • Varnish

Thinner-based: Using thinner with the paint is easy to make the color stay longer on the surface. The pot will absorb the thinner in no time and provide you with a glossy finish on the surface. 

Water-based: Take the poster paint, add a little PVA glue, and a few drops of water. Give it a good stir. Your poster paint will work like acrylic paint and adhere to the surface better. Use it as an overcoat; the color will stick to the terracotta pot for longer. Thus the paint will also resist water for a while, if not permanently. 

Varnish: Using a varnish on the paint will protect the paint from peeling off. After you apply the varnish, the paint will not flake or chip off the surface. And you can make your poster paint stay longer. Ensure not to overuse varnish; otherwise, your poster paint will bleed. If possible, test a tiny bit first, then apply it to the whole surface. 

How to Paint Terracotta Pots with Poster Paint

Painting clay pots with poster paint is always a fun project. This type of paint gives a flat finish rather than gloss finishes, but you can decorate your clay pots with the vibrant colors that poster colors come with. 

You must follow some steps to get your desired finish on the pots. 

Design on Terracotta Pots with poster paint

Step 1: You must clean the pot before painting them. You can use a pot brush or scrub brush to remove the dirt and dust. Or soak the pot in warm water. This will clean off the price tag, mark, and unwanted dirt.

Let the pot dry completely before using paint. Poster paint is not water-resistant; if you apply paint on a wet surface, the paint will not adhere to the surface. 

Step 2: Rub the pot’s surface gently with sandpaper once it dries completely. Sanding will remove imperfections or surface marks and any residue from the price tags or stickers. 

Step 3: Prepare your workstation. Cover the surface with old newspaper so that your floors or table will remain clean even if you spill a few drops of paint. Poster paint is washable, so even if you drop some, you can wash them easily. Change your clothes as well. How about an old pair of shorts and a shirt from your father’s closet? 

Step 4: Paint the pot with thin paint brushes because these brushes are suitable if you use poster colors. But if you have a foam sponge brush, then use them. Apply the base coat with quality poster paint and let it dry. If you need multiple coats of paint, allow the first coat to dry completely. Then decide whether you need one or two more coats. 

Step 5: Let the paint dry if you want to put intricate designs on top of your base coat. If you add a little design, your cotta pots will get a delicate look. If you haven’t made your poster paint waterproof yet, you can use an acrylic sealer on top of the poster colors; it will enhance the adhesion of the paint on the surface. 

Also, you can seal your cotta pots with a clear coat. Spray the pot with a matt or glossy clear coat that suits your taste 


Which paint is the best for Terracotta Pots?

Experts suggest using water-based acrylic paint, spray paint, or oil paint if you want to use your pots for exterior decorations. But there is no problem using poster paints or other water-based paint if you follow the proper process. First, decide where you want to use your painted pots. If you use it for interior decorations, poster paint is not a problem. Use acrylic paint, oil paint, or spray paint for exterior use. 

Can You Paint Terracotta Pots with Emulsion?

Yes, you can use emulsion paint on the terracotta pots. Use it with a layer of PVA glue; the paint will withstand water and scratch for a few years. It’s better to use water-based emulsion paint as it dries quickly and is non-toxic. 

Can You Paint Terracotta Pots With Wall Paint? 

Yes, you can use emulsion, latex interior and exterior paints to paint terracotta pots. The wall paints have a better adhesive on the clay surface and can withstand rough weather for several years. 

Can You Mix Poster Paint With Acrylic Paint?

Yes, You can, but you shouldn’t. Would you like a perpetual glutinous on the surface of your art piece? I don’t think so. The surface will be perpetually slimy if you mix the poster color with acrylic paint.

The Bottom Line 

Now you know that you can use poster paint for terracotta pots and how you can paint the pots with poster paint to get a better adhesion on the clay pots. Following the steps stated above, you can get a better result with poster paints. Make sure to make the paints waterproof; thus, the paint will stick to the surface longer.